Website & Shop 

Take orders and table reservations - fast, uncomplicated and innovative with our store solution.

Optionally integrated on your existing website or with a completely new website.  

Website & Shop

Orders and table reservations easily and quickly via your gastronomy shopsystem

You can choose to integrate our store system for gastronomy and trade into your existing website, or receive it from us complete with a new website.


It has never been easier and faster to take orders and table reservations through your own website. 


Your new website and store are developed in multiple languages. 


You receive and manage all orders quickly and conveniently via your smartphone or tablet. You don't need any new hardware or software.


Offer as many products as you want - there are no limits. Sell without limit - commission-free!


Did you know that our Gastronauts take care of everything?

Sit back, relax and see what you can offer your guests tomorrow.


Below we present the features of your individual webshop

Menus Drinks

Easily and intuitively publish food and drinks

The good news first - our Gastronauts will do it for you! We enter all products - dishes and drinks for you.


Of course, you can always expand and update your products, toppings, side dishes, dressings, images and prices in the backend. 

Delivery areas & conditions

Determine your delivery areas and conditions

If desired, define different delivery areas with different delivery conditions.


The delivery areas can be defined either as a circle or also individually by streets. 


You can set different delivery costs for each delivery area.


A certain minimum order amount can also be linked to the delivery areas. 


Don't worry - our Gastronauts will enter your individual delivery areas for you. You may update your details at any time.

Table reservation

Advance booking

The guest is king - We ask to table

Make it possible for your guests to reserve a table with you in a very uncomplicated way. Particularly attractive is the possibility to carry out this ordering process outside your opening hours. 

Optionally, your guests can also pre-order their food or drinks directly in this context.   

Likewise, you can allow your guests to place a food order with you at any time with a freely selectable day and time.  

This way you are available for your guests around the clock, even outside your opening hours. 

Dine-in orders

Simply order from the comfort of your table

How about giving your guests the opportunity to order conveniently and quickly, simply at the table, online? We will set up this service for you.  


Your guests take a seat in peace, take a picture of the QR code, browse through your menu undisturbed and then place their orders. 

You can reward the commitment of your guests as an incentive as you wish, e.g. 10% discount on the online order placed at the table. 

Promotion &

Reward especially your loyal guests and win new customers sustainably 

With voucher and discount promotions, you can attract new customers and strengthen your customer loyalty. Use discounts skillfully for your marketing. 


Here are some examples:

  • Discount for new customers

  • Discount for loyal guests

  • Discount on special products

  • Discount on holidays

  • Discount from a purchase value of e.g. 50 Euro

  • One dish free for a certain order value, etc.


Through your website and linking with social networks, your customers will be informed about discount promotions.

Intelligent targeting

Every pot finds its lid

One size doesn't fit all, so we've made it possible to filter your customers by behavior - first-time buyers, long-time regulars, or perhaps customers who ordered from you via a specific website or app.

Likewise, you have a real-time report to review your promotional campaigns.

Stay up to date with real-time statistics to see which promos are working best.

Flyers and printed articles

We create your promotion

Do good and talk about it! True to this motto, we create your individual promotion flyers in DIN A6 format, printed on both sides, in a print run of 10,000 pieces. 

Your promotion flyers are ideal as an addition to every delivery or as a scatter article at events. 

We also finish 1,000 pizza boxes with your individual advertising.

Every year you will receive your individual flyers and printed items from us.

Payment options

Cash, credit card or online payment?

Offer your guests flexible payment options.

Standard would be cash payment upon pickup or delivery. 


But other payment options, such as Pay-Pal, Google Pay or Apple Pay, are also possible in addition to credit card payment.


Upon request, our Gastronauts will set up all payment options for you.


Please keep in mind that if you choose a payment provider, you usually have to pay fees per order directly to the payment provider.


Of course, you can transfer these fees to your guests. 



Order management

No new hardware or software required!

You receive and manage all orders quickly and conveniently via your smartphone or tablet. You don't need any new hardware or software. 


With our order management app, you can accept food orders and table reservations from your own smartphone or tablet.


When an order or table reservation is placed on your website, Facebook page or restaurant app, here's what happens:


  • Your smartphone or tablet gives an alert

  • You can accept or decline the order

  • Enter a delivery time

  • Receipts are automatically printed for the kitchen, the driver and the customer.

  • Your customer will automatically receive a confirmation mail about his order

  • You will also receive an additional mail about the received order

Order and customer management

Always everything in view

Always keep the most important people in your restaurant in focus - your guests and customers.


In your backend, you can clearly see all orders, table reservations, delivery areas, customers and your sales.

You can also view your customer and sales growth, the order types - pickup or delivery, the payment method and the most popular dishes of your guests and customers.

You can also freely determine the time period and the type of display - table or graphic. 


All data can be exported and further processed.

Your Gastronauts

You do all the important tasks

"Cobbler, stick to your last!" - Who doesn't know this saying? If everyone were allowed to concentrate on what they do best, everything would be in perfect order. 


A gifted restaurateur is often not a marketing expert and vice versa.


Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to be among the best in one's field. Without professional cross-media communication, your talents and skills remain reserved for a small and well-known target group.


We would like to change that!


You do what you do best and our Gastronauts will support you so that your new website & store can start as soon as possible.